I leverage design thinking methods to bring the needs of the human into every client project and collaboratively ideate solutions to address them. Approaching every challenge with an ethnographic mindset, I not only investigate the human needs and complexities of the user, but also turn the lens inward to understand the organizational challenges that today’s enterprises (and those leading them) face. I believe that applying an ethnographic mindset means tapping into innate skills such as sincere curiosity, empathetic listening, observation and participative knowledge building. This is how we move towards building empathy, in addition to improving emotional intelligence. Human beings are too often reduced to their consumption patterns in business and my aim is to maintain complexity while providing clear and actionable insights for clients. Respecting the chaos of real life in a way that connects decision-makers to the TRUE contexts and behaviors of their customers, I drive towards clear market advantages while weaving a stronger, more empathetic and emotionally intelligent community within the organization seeking the insights.


photo by Jim Blackstock (http://jimblackstock.com)

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