During this module, we undertook a project for Taylor Haig, a ‘transformation agency’, who help people and places move forward together through innovation and learning. Our assignment was to focus on one of multiple challenges about Lochee, an area in Dundee, Scotland, presented to us by the client and communicate it strategically and creatively. The aim was to understand how the ‘quality of life in a place’ is perceived and how we can present our data in a creative and meaningful way to decision makers in public agencies. Taylor Haig was working with the Dundee City Council so we wanted to present to the senior executives in local governments something that may change their perceptions of a place. The final outcome, the One Place // Many Stories tool, is a team exercise designed for decision makers in public sector agencies to view life in Lochee differently, which will aid them in creating efficient and effective services in Lochee.

In this project, I was part of a a highly efficient and well-functioning team. I was able to contribute through all stages of the project, but was especially involved in the idea generation and ideation phase as well as throughout the prototyping and final deliverable creation. My main contribution in this project was through creative and strategic thinking as well as delivering a clear message in the final video presentation for the client.

The challenge in this module was to communicate our findings to the client but also to senior council members, who would be the user of this tool.  While working through this challenge, my team investigated many different angles and viewpoints to this problem, but stayed focused on ensuring that the method we chose was appropriate for this specific challenge and for the audience we were trying to communicate our findings to – senior decision makers in public sector agencies. Instead of just creating something beautiful to be handed of to the client, we wanted to create something that would help inform decision making in a creative and strategic way. My main take-away was to be very conscious of the stakeholders and assure that the research questions and project plan are appropriate for the time frame available and fit with the client’s needs.

Information Design // Strategic Design Thinking // Rapid Prototyping // Video Production and Editing

MSc Design Ethnography 2011 – 2012 (Strategic Information Design Module)
January 2012

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