This project explored the relationship between young people and self- service checkout technologies. The client was particularly interested in four focus areas of consumer experience with regards to the self-service journey. My team investigated self-service checkout users in groups – less ‘self’ service and more ‘selves’ service. We observed group behavior in the self-service environment and the challenges they faced. and found that the self-service environment is based on a linear process, but humans are more complex. Many factors affect our choices, our need to control a situation and our perception of processes. We discovered that this becomes especially complex in the context of groups, when factors such as collaboration and peer pressure are added.

In this project I took on the role of team and client lead. I acted as the liaison for the client, the course director,  and the other teams by managing communications and providing feedback. I provided insights for the deliverable design, both for our team and for our class as a whole. I also took on a leading role for the organization and design of the final client workshop and lead the class effort to create a written and performed summary of the Design Ethnography process for our client, so that they could share the value of ethnographic research within their company.

During this project, I learned to manage a small team of researchers during the fieldwork phase, as well as coordinating with 3 other teams to create a coherent deliverable for the client. I also took a leading role in organizing and managing the client workshop and although all teams were working towards a common goal, it was difficult to engage everyone in a meaningful way.  My biggest take-away was that clear and concise communication is essential; within a small, intimate team, a larger group and especially with a client. throughout the research project and with the final deliverable.

Immersive Fieldwork // Qualitative Data Gathering and Analysis // Project Management // Client Workshop facilitation // Championing Ethnographic Research

MSc Design Ethnography 2011 – 2012 (Experience Research 2 Module)
March 2012

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