In this project the aim was to create a cultural probe which would allow a large Telco company to better understand the emotions and problems experienced by the customer which causes them to drop out or move service providers. Our solution was ‘Fubble’, a cultural probe in the shape of a board game, that takes an innovative approach to researching the customer experience. This method engages and incentivizes participants to complete tasks. The probe has three elements; a portable audio recorder, a closed network, and a board game. Every part encourages participants to share insight into their daily lives, but each has a different approach. The benefits of the ‘Fubble’ include the different types of data it gathers, which illustrates a clearer picture of what makes customers frustrated and more specifically, what aspects of customer service can cause frustration.

In this project, I was responsible for guiding the initial research and ideation phase through focused brainstorms and desk research. I was very involved in the design process of the cultural probe and designed multiple parts of the final prototype. I took the lead in the final executive summary and instructions for the cultural probe. Additionally, I guided the team through the final presentation, which asked us to present to the client in a new format.  I directed the final puppet-show client presentation and edited the final video.

In this module, I learned the importance of moving through iterations, especially during the prototyping phase. In the beginning of this project, we considered creating a chain-letter system where participants would share postcards detailing stories of their experiences, but once we realized privacy and time-frame complications, we had to abandon this concept.  We then worked on the idea of emulating a closed network, such as knitting groups and AA-type meetings, which would ideally evolve in an organic way,  but again the time frame and project brief deemed them impractical.  The key learning for me was to take direction from the process, as these initial concepts inspired the main components of the Fubble.

Create an Innovative Strategy for Customer Experience Research // Conceptualize, Develop and Present a Cultural Probe // Puppet Show Client Presentation // Video Production and Editing // Prototyping

MSc Design Ethnography 2011 – 2012 (Strategic Design Thinking Module)
November 2011

 FUBBLE - 1 Minute Pitch

 FUBBLE - Puppet-show Client Presentation

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