(echo)witness is a clothing line and online community based around an appreciation for all creators and doers. Along with my husband, I created a line of  T-shirts, which came out in the Spring of 2009. The T-shirts were sold through the online shop and at 3 local clothing boutiques. Additionally, we visited multiple clothing markets and focused on building the brand recognition through the daily blog and online community.

Along with my husband Jim, I founded and ran the clothing label (echo)witness, which included 6 men and 4 women designs. I oversaw the creation of the online community and the daily blog. I conducted interviews of artists and designers to be featured on the blog and functioned as the main brand ambassador. I oversaw all marketing, brand creation and social media efforts and conceptualized, designed and oversaw the building of, featuring e-commerce capabilities and a daily blog. Due to full-time employment, we suspended further development of the online community and have disabled the full website for the foreseeable future in order to focus on current projects. We are still selling the apparel line in one local boutique in Nashville, TN.

Starting my own company taught me a lot about all the different aspects of running a business, including the design and concepting phase, creating a business plan and strategy, designing the products and the brand, managing the inventory and online shop, and managing the marketing of the brand and products. I learned it is hard work to manage all the different aspects and to engage with all the different channels of communication needed to keep a business going. I am driven and hard-working so while I wasn’t lacking motivation in the context of entrepreneurship, I learned to value having a community of like-minded, driven and creative people around to discuss, ponder, bounce ideas off of and to be motivated and pushed to do.

Design and Branding // Art Direction // Online Marketing and Social Media // Community Building // Sales and Communication // Business Management and Inventory

Entrepreneur (Founder and Designer)
October 2008

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