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What a whirlwind of a week. We have kicked off our third and final semester of the Msc Design Ethnography at the University of Dundee – the Hothouse Summer. While the first client meetings, the intial desk research and the exploration into the overlaying topic of self-service have kept us busy, the class of #DE2012 jetted off to Barcelona half way through the week to attend the first ever European EPIC meeting (See some live tweets at #EuroEPIC) and help out as student volunteers. The meeting was held at the wonderful ELISAVA School of Design in the heart of Barcelona.


(image by Han Pham from designswinger.com)


Most of our group helped with organizing the volunteers, documenting the sessions and producing photos and video of the event. I was in charge of the afternoon media team, and although the day was hectic, we captured some great images of the day and some short interviews of the attendees and organizers.



I am still trying to wrap my head around all the conversations, presentations and different perspectives…



I am working on gathering all my images and thoughts from the day and am still trying to get over the rush of sitting next to Simon Roberts of ReD Assosciates on stage during my debut at the EPIC Europe meeting :) I was honored to be presenting during the 2nd Session, in which we discussed collaborations between Academia and Industry. Below is an image of me (trying not to freak out) and also, my view from the stage (I thought, when will I get the chance again to look directly at over a hundred Ethnographers looking back at me…?) Although Eva is giving me a slightly confused look :)





Thank you so much to the amazing work of the organizers, the sponsors and especially the volunteer organizers, we all had an incredible day – both challenging, informative, and really, really fun! Especially Cat,HeinrichRichJoanRobertCarolinEvaKateHan and Lorri were amazing at guiding and helping us volunteers through the chaos :)



We did get to enjoy a tiny bit of the Spanish sun and the beautiful architecture of Barcelona, although another visit will be in my future!

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