#DE2012 What happened to March?

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Since starting the Design Ethnography program here in Dundee last August I have made sure I document all work and projects as best as I could…until March hit. Here is an attempt to wrap my head around what happened in the past six weeks…


The last few weeks have been a blur. We completed the Experience Research 2 Module, in which we undertook an ethnographic research project of the Self-Service space.


Immediately after our client workshop and final presentation, we jumped into the next project for the HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and Usability Engineering module. In a short but intense week and a half we worked on a research project for brightSolid, an online publishing and technology company, rethinking the family tree concept and creating a platform to share and store memories as stories (not just data). This was also the last module for our second semester and leads us into semester three, during which we are undertaking a three month industry project - Houthouse Summer 2012.

It feels like we only just met in the DE studio and I cant believe it’s almost all over already…


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