A unique approach to skateboarding/design/life…

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In my previous post I talked about Fan Xia and her approach to her PhD studies by applying her own methods and style. Like I mentioned, Fan uses visuals to explain her process, because her background is in graphics and that is the approach that feels natural to her.

I love when you find random connections between seemingly unrelated experiences in your life. Today I made one of those connections – between Fan’s approach to design research and my past as a “skateboarding chick”…(yes, there are photos and no, I do not want to share – it was the 90′s, and I think its best to try and forget about some choices in fashion and hairstyles, right?)

This weekend, a good friend showed me a video of Killian Martin. Killian Martin is a skateboarder, but he has a style which is his own (although others before him, like Rodney Mullen, have had a similar style). Killian has a background in gymnastics and dance and he used his skills from a seemingly unrelated area of his life and applied them to his approach to skateboarding…See what I mean in this video:

So the reoccurring theme here is: do what you do best and use the skills and perspectives gained throughout your life to your advantage when applying them to a new context.

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